Protein Samples

Protein this, Protein that! It can be a confusing world sometimes, and we understand you might not want to spend your hard earned money on something you're not too sure about. Why not try something new and maybe find a new favourite. Whether you want to give a new blend a go, or just want to keep your fitness fresh with new flavours of your staple snacks - the options are right here. We offer snack samples because we know once you've tried what we have on offer you'll definitely go for the size up, its what always happens, but we like to give you 100% confidence! At the end of the day, it needs to be right for you!
    • Whey Protein 360 210g

      "queria un suplemento para complementar mi entreno bajo en hidratos y alto en proteinas. ...Mario*

    • Proteína Vegana (210g = 7 Raciones)

      "El sabor es bastante bueno, mezcla bien, y se puede mezclar con otros sabores. Me ha enc...Elana*

    • Ridiculous Barrita Vegana Proteica (Muestra)

      “¡Esto es ‘ridiculamente’ bueno! Me encanta el diseño del paquete, fue como un regalo cuando...Ash