Meal Replacements


Why Choose Protein Works Meal Replacements?

Meal replacements typically fall into one of two camps. Great tasting shakes that are full of sugar. Some of the biggest brands out there follow this route – check out the labels before you buy. The other format are nutritionally strong shakes that are grainy in texture and just aren’t ideal for everyone.

Enter the Protein Works Meal Replacement range. Countless hours and research have gone into making each meal replacement shake tick all the boxes for you. Using only the finest ingredients in a range of different products for your choice of texture, and guaranteed low sugar content in each serving, these advanced formulas are designed to help you reach your body composition goals in a convenient and tasty way.

Unlike nearly all other supplement brands out there today, we are open and transparent about exactly which and how much protein is included in every single supplement. Simply click on the Insight icon to find out more on each product page. With Protein Works, not only is quality assured, but our prices are low to ensure you get incredible value for money every time.

If you're on a weight loss journey, compromise doesn't have to mean no treats! Why not check out our low calorie range? Whether you fancy some Diet Pancakes with Zero Syrups or our Ridiculous Protein Bars to get snacks that keep you fuller for longer, we've got you covered.

Or if you're ready to hit the gym and tone your body, why not try more from our selection of supplements to help you push your body to the maximum? We recommend Thermopro Burn and CLA Ultra to help fuel your workouts. But don't let us stop you there, you can see our full selection here.

  • Sustituto De Comida Dietético Extreme
    Sustituto De Comida Dietético Extreme

    "Sacia un montón y ha hecho que deje de picar entre horas. Muy bueno" - Sara*

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  • Sustituto De Comida Diétetico Vegano Extreme
    Sustituto De Comida Diétetico Vegano Extreme

    "¡Tiene pocas calorías por porción y contiene vitaminas esenciales! Es el producto perfect...Emily

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  • Batido Sustitutivo Vegano
    Batido Sustitutivo Vegano

    "Tiene un perfil nutricional muy completo y además es vegano!" - Sonia s.

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  • Sustituto De Comida Dietético
    Sustituto De Comida Dietético

    "Llevo tomando hace tiempo los batidos sustitutivos de comida, y tengo que decir que s...Elena*

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  • Complete 360 Meal Vegano
    Complete 360 Meal Vegano

    “Entrar en este mundo me ha hecho ahorrar dinero en el almuerzo, acabar con los malos nu...-*Jamie

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  • Complete 360 Meal
    Complete 360 Meal

    “El mejor que he probado, el sabor es perfecto y me da energía para todo el día.” - Andy

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  • Diet Breakfast Smoothie
    Diet Breakfast Smoothie

    "No tengo tiempo por las mañanas para hacerme un desayuno saludable, ¡así que esto es ...*Jennifer

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  • Tortitas Proteicas Dietéticas
    Tortitas Proteicas Dietéticas

    "Una manera diferente de desayunar con gran aporte proteico. Combinadas con el sirope d...Antonio*

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